Say hello to your linguistic partner

My name is Martina Buattini and I’m a professional medical and pharmaceutical translator. I originally embarked on this journey thanks to a pure desire to combine my linguistic capabilities with the dynamic and fast-moving world of healthcare.

This drive led me to pursue specialised courses that provided me with the in-depth knowledge and skills required to understand medical terminology while ensuring I could translate these concepts with care.

Today, I support CROs, medical device companies, and pharmaceutical companies to communicate with their patients and audience. But Tech-Med Translator isn’t just my business name. It’s a testament to my dedication to both your industry and mine. It reflects the precision and expertise that I bring to every project.

Providing services from English, French and Portuguese into Italian, my offerings go further than just translating a message. I promise linguistic accuracy tailored to the Italian market, a deep respect of medical knowledge, and a cultural essence captured in communication.

Above all, the world of medical communication and translation can seem vast. But with the right linguistic partner by your side, your journey can be easier. Allow me to be that guiding voice.

Courses & Accreditations

  • Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Technical and Scientific Translation

  • 5-months Highly Specialised Course on English to Italian Medical Interpreting (provided by Medical Interpreting Academy)

  • Webinar on Post-Editing Strategies for Neural Machine Translation (provided by AITI)

  • Webinar “Frontiers of medicine” (provided by AITI)

  • 6-hours webinar on Clinical Trial Statistics (provided by AITI)

  • 70-hours - Scientific training for translator - individual (field: Clinical trials)

  • 35-hours - Scientific training for translators - individual (field: Neuroscience)

  • Postgraduate 1-year course on English to Italian specialized translation in the following fields: biomedicine and pharmaceuticals, and technology (provided by University of Bari, Pisa, and Genoa & Consortium ICON)

  • 20-hours course on "Pharmacology for translators and interpreters" (provided by TranslaStars)