Tech-Med Translator: Breaking Barriers, Connecting Healthcare

In a world where communication shapes outcomes, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries demand more than just direct word-to-word translation. They require accuracy, quality, and cultural sensitivity, as well as a deep grasp of sector specialities and terminology.

That’s where I come in. Your voice in Italian healthcare. Your trusted partner in ensuring that your message seamlessly integrates and resonates with the right audience.

Specialist services

Supporting both CROs and pharmaceutical companies as well as medical device manufacturers and distributors, I enable you to navigate the Italian market with precise translations of clinical trial protocols, patient and product information leaflets, and more. Each translation doesn’t just resonate with your target audience, but takes into account the industry specificities too.

In addition to translating for CROs and medical device manufacturers, I also provide translation services for patients, experts, and the general public. This includes translating website content for patients, health and wellness apps, medical surveys, books, scientific articles, and medical brochures.

Why me?


Specialised courses within medical and pharmaceutical translation have given me the tools and knowledge to ensure that your content is grammatically correct and conceptually accurate.


I take it upon myself to remain up to date with industry news and evolving trends which means you can always expect the best.


I offer translations from English, French and Portuguese into Italian and can cater to a wide clientele.

What clients have to say

I, Laurence Pagnon, am writing to confirm that Martina Buattini has translated many documents from English and French into Italian for PARLECLAIR for several years on a very regular basis.

As a professional freelance linguist, she has dealt with a significant volume of translation projects. Martina is a highly qualified translator. She is a trustworthy and reliable partner providing the best quality of translation service and always on time. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any project.

Laurence Pagnon


Highly professional translator, the easy manner, thoughtful approach and attitude makes her work exceptional.

Ákos Fazakas

Martina is very approachable , kind and friendly translator. She is very considerate and shows a good understanding of our client's requirement.

Rudy Chang

Beyond Translation Pty Ltd

Martina is an excellent Italian translator with whom we have had the pleasure of working for many years.

Punctual in her deliveries, Martina has always been meticulous and has always delivered projects of excellent quality. She will not hesitate to say that the field of a document to be translated is not within her competence, which, in my opinion, once again confirms her professionalism. I'd recommend anyone to work with her, but not too much, otherwise I won't be able to work with her on my own. 😉

Marion Brault


Ready to
break down barriers?

Effective communication is essential for both patients, professionals, and product-based companies within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Without it, opportunities can be missed and trust lost. Together, we can ensure your messages are heard and understood, and, best of all, they’ll be appreciated in the Italian market.