Your medical and pharmaceutical messages deserve more than simple translation.

They require expertise, accuracy, and a deep understanding of both the language and industry terminology. I seamlessly blend these requirements to provide you with unparalleled translation services.

Translation and proofreading

The medical and pharmaceutical world is complex thanks to specialist terminology and intricate concepts. But having completed several professional courses, and continuously staying up to date with industry news and trends, I ensure that every translation isn’t just contextually correct but grammatically sound. From clinical trial protocols, patient leaflets, and marketing materials, I cover a range of documents and offer translation from English, French and Portuguese into Italian. Put simply, I do more than translate, I transform.

Machine translation post-editing

Machine translations have become an integral part of global communication for many organisations. But as efficient as they are, machines can’t fully understand the nuances of human language completely. That's where I come in. Combining my medical and pharmaceutical knowledge, and linguistics abilities, I take time to review machine-translated documents, ensuring all content is grammatically and conceptually correct, and that it reads naturally. This means you can be confident in your content, every single time.

Customised translation solutions

I know that every project and company has their own requirements which is why I’m open to providing specialised translation services on demand. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs, and I’d be delighted to help.