In the intricate medical and pharmaceutical world, specialisation isn’t a luxury, it’s essential.

That’s why I’ve dedicated years to fine tuning my expertise and knowledge within the industry that I choose to work in. Not only do I have a firm understanding of linguistic nuances but also industry specifics.

CROs and pharmaceutical companies

Clinical trials and research are the backbone of most medical advancements, and this requires clear and concise communication. What’s more, for everyone to be on the same page and for the patient experience to go without glitch, effective, accurate and empathetic messaging is needed. I take away the stress of creating content for an international audience ensuring every translation is done so with precision, care, and dedication.

Project examples:

  • clinical trial protocols

  • informed consent forms

  • patient information leaflets

  • linguistic validation

  • summary of product characteristics

  • and package leaflets

Medical device manufacturers and distributors

Medical devices can transform lives. But without the right words, they won’t be accessible or understandable within their target audience. From packaging to inserts, instructions and marketing, I provide users with the information they need. The result is content that prioritises user safety, satisfaction, and your brand reputation.

Types of documents:

  • package inserts,

  • operating,

  • maintenance,

  • and installation manuals,

  • as well as instructions for use (IFUs) for medical devices, including in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDs) and electrical medical devices.

Patients, experts and the general public

In addition to the above primary specialisations, I’m also adept at translating various documents aimed at specific stakeholders and audiences in the healthcare sector. Whether it’s a patient in search of additional information and guidance, an expert communicating essential details, or a member of the public looking to expand their knowledge, my translation services ensure the utmost accuracy, coherence and quality.

Project examples:

  • Translation of website content aimed at patients

  • health and wellness apps

  • medical surveys

  • books

  • scientific articles and medical brochures

Got any questions about my specialist areas?

Perhaps you’re wondering how I could help you to navigate the complex Italian healthcare market? Get in touch today and I’d be delighted to help.